XF Media China Media Buying

XF Media assists global brands in purchasing ad space across various digital platforms in China, like social media, DSPs, search engines, and video platforms. This helps global brands reach their target audience in China effectively.

Total daily impressions is over 1 billion.

Types of ads formats: feeds, videos, open screen, banner etc. Different ads formats will meet all clients promotion targets.


With XF Media’s ad ecosystem provides multi screens and media resources to meet clients targeted users. XF reaches over 7,000 apps, covers sports, travel, entertainment etc.


There are multi ads formats available on different platforms to maximize brands exposures.



Open screen



Multi Channel Precision Marketing

Using tech targeting ability to realize the precision marketing ad placement

Accurate Audience Analysis

Generate user profiles from multiple dimensions through (non sensitive data) Quickly target the target audience for advertisers Realize the deep marketing value of crowd segmentation.

Targeted Media = Targeted Audience

Personalized advertising strategy development

Develop advertising themes based on industry background and target user groups.
Based on the advertising model, further refine the labels and increase advertising efforts.
Divide the launch cycle, optimize corresponding data and launch behavior, and establish a launch model.
As the data accumulates and stabilizes, gradually achieving the target of deployment and achieving the expected results.

Refined Media Analysis

Analyze media attributes and label active groups
Analyze the matching degree between active media audiences and brand consumers
Determine whether the purchasing power of the media audience can be translated into brand sales.