XF Media China OTT Marketing

XF Media China OTT marketing provides the big screen marketing opportunities to the clients to maximize their reach to the Chinese households.

Strategic Partners

Relying on XF Media’s digital advertising system, multimedia cross screen integration of traffic resources, providing multiple coverage to the target users of the enterprise.

boot ads

Position: Play when the smart TV is turned on, 15s/30s
Features: Forced exposure, scene closed;
Members cannot be blocked;
The scene is independent, and there is no interference from other brands before and after;
The form is mature and the market acceptance is high.
Strategic advice: Scarce resources with high credibility can be used as regular strong exposure resources.

screensaver ad

Features: super full-screen exposure, strong visual impact;
Multi-picture carousel, multi-frequency exposure, strengthen brand printing;
Only image format is supported;
Strategic suggestion: multiple image materials are placed in rotation, and the advertising experience is optimized to strengthen the brand image and convey the brand’s selling points from multiple angles.


Position: Before the video is played, 15s-30s
Features: Mass exposure, high-frequency touch;
Only TV terminal members can block;
Supports geographical and content orientation dimensions;
The form is mature and the market acceptance is high.
Strategic suggestion: It can be used as a regular delivery resource, or it can be used as a supplementary resource for boot ads and used in conjunction with it.

Global pop-up ads

Position: triggered after entering the channel, full screen coverage
Features: forced exposure, forced focus;
             Members cannot be shielded;
             The default duration is 5s, and the image format.
             More than 5s, there will be a prompt to close the operation mode.
Strategic suggestion: in-depth customization, diverse gameplay;
It is suitable for marketing in various scenarios such as red envelopes, lottery draws, and push notifications.

Recommended resources

Location: Smart TV launcher page
Format: Picture (JPG/PNG)
The golden position of the interface on the first boot screen focuses on the user’s vision. It supports click to jump, and can be combined with the brand zone for strong exposure and drainage.
The left picture shows the location, and the location may be slightly different according to the system version and compliance audit requirements during the launch period

Named Brand Zone

Position: Channel title, deeply implanted into the channel
Features: Customer benefits include other advertising forms in the channel, such as recommended super banners, special advertisements, video content, etc.
Strategic suggestion: In-depth customization of channel content, integration of other advertising resources in the channel, can be combined with special pages