XF Media is the official ad placements agency for Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat

Types of ad formats: search, display, shopping, video etc.

Facebook multi-style ad display

Messenger Ads

It is convenient for users to initiate a dialogue with merchants. This kind of advertisement can help cover to establish close contact with existing or potential customers, more interactive

instagram ads

Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing community now. Advertisements can be displayed in two ways: timeline and snapshot. Use formats to ignite user enthusiasm and entice them to take action on mobile

App advertising

Allows users to experience the app in an interactive preview before downloading it. You can use this try-before-you-buy experience to drive more qualified customers to install your app

Collection Ads

Let users discover, browse and purchase your products and services. The user taps the ad on the boutique column to have an ad experience that can be loaded quickly and learn more about specific products.

Linkedin multi-style ad display

Tiktok multi-style ad display

super first

The super first place allows your brand to occupy the first entrance of TikTok, and lock users’ attention tightly with strong visual impact!

Splash ads

Expand the brand voice with shocking visual effects and massive reach.

Information flow advertisement

Together with TikTok’s high-quality original content, it is recommended to the user’s personalized content channel.


The unique new marketing method stimulates users’ enthusiasm for participation and creates more tricks, allowing brands to instantly hit people’s hearts with interesting and predictable content.

commercial stickers

Specially customize expressions, special effects, filters and other exposure methods for brands to release more creativity and stimulate more interactions. Play tricks and enjoy endless fun.

Pinterest multi-style ad display

Pin Ads

Ads appear in the user’s browsing feed information flow, beautiful ad images display your products and content in a simple vertical or square image format

video ad

Use Pin’s engaging video format to grab users’ attention and tell a great story, making your ad go wild in the story.

shopping ads

Upload products from your catalog, and when promoted, use demographic categories such as interests and hobbies to attract people to make sales when they choose to buy products.

app install

App install ads showcase and distribute your app to your audience on Pinterest. These ads will display an application icon and an install button.

Snapchat multi-style ad display

catch ad

Snap ads are basically 1-second video ads that provide more information to the user to refresh the ad. These ads appear between quick chat stories.

story ad

Engage Snapchatters to a collection of Snaps with a sponsored Discover tile that sits alongside popular content tailored to their preferences.

Commercial advertising

Grow your Snapchat audience with six-second non-skippable videos in our premium premium content