XF Media is the official ad placement agency for Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing.

Types of ad formats: search, display, shopping, video etc.

Google multi-style ad display

When customers search for terms related to your keywords, your ad appears in the search results.

Ads are displayed above or below the search results, and customers search spontaneously through keywords. Search ads are only displayed to those who are interested, precisely targeting the target customer group.

You can show your ads to people whether they're browsing their favorite websites or using mobile devices and apps.

Help you find the right audience. Engage users with engaging ad formats that impress customers with stunning graphics.

The details of the products you sell will be displayed at the top of the page as the main content.

Show users product photos, names and prices to attract better qualified leads. Your chances of catching a shopper’s attention in a single search can multiply.

Your ad will appear in YouTube search results, next to related videos, and on the mobile YouTube homepage.

Video discovery ads can only appear on YouTube. High-quality and low-cost video advertisements can vividly and comprehensively demonstrate the strength of enterprises and improve brand awareness.

You provide candidate ad text and assets, and it will design a series of ads in multiple formats and for various ad networks.

App ads let you reach the audience most interested in similar apps. Set the most desired advertising goals, and Google will display your ads to the most suitable users.

Yahoo multi-style ad display

Yahoo search ads

Yahoo search ads are ads displayed when users use Yahoo search services, that is, Yahoo search bidding ads.

Yahoo Mail Ads

Yahoo mailboxes are opened frequently, and on the details page of Yahoo mails, there are advertisements for “keywords” in the contents of the emails, which can help advertisers get more potential customers.

Yahoo Mobile Ads

Advertisements displayed on Yahoo mobile websites, APPs and many other mobile products help advertisers expand the audience for advertisements as much as possible, broaden potential sales channels, and acquire more customers.

Yahoo Gemini native ads

Bring mobile search and native advertising together. They point out that this is the first service on the market to combine the two, where native ads appear just like normal web content.

Yandex Search Ads

search ads

Ads based on the user’s search query are triggered and fully match the user’s interest keywords and are displayed on the Yandex search results pages and on the search partner platforms of the Yandex Network Alliance, both on PC and on mobile devices.

Bing multi-style ad display

Add all kinds of additional information to the actual ad display to enrich the content of the ad and enhance the visual effect. Help you win every customer who visits and improve ROI.

You only need to accurately locate the advertising language of the website, and Bynamic Search Ads will automatically generate precise marketing advertisements based on the website content of the user’s search terms.

Search users can intuitively see your product pictures, effectively attracting customers’ attention, thus bringing higher CTR and ROI

If you have APP promotion needs, App Install Ads will provide you with an app install button to link customers directly to the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store, increasing the download volume of the app.